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Introducing the FOSS TechVenture Program

The "FOSS TechVenture" programme, initiated by ICFOSS, seeks to inspire students, cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets, and provide practical knowledge in dynamic fields like IoT, drones, and cybersecurity.

The program offers specialized training sessions, a Hackathon, and a chance for eligible participants to receive one year of complimentary incubation support from ICFOSS.

  • Inspire Innovation: Ignite inventive thinking in IoT, drones, and cybersecurity, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Cultivate Entrepreneurial Mindset: Encourage a proactive problem-solving approach, instilling an entrepreneurial mindset among students.
  • Practical Knowledge: Equip students with practical insights for success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Specialized Training: Provide selected participants exclusive access to domain-specific training sessions, refining their expertise.
  • Hackathon & Incubation: Showcase skills in an ICFOSS-organized Hackathon and seize a year of complimentary incubation support, encouraging broader engagement in Free Software programming and technology.
Awareness Session

This session aims to build an entrepreneurial mindset. It includes three sessions covering IoT, drones, and cybersecurity domains. Each session is designed for 45 minutes, and the entire program spans half a day. The program will be conducted at four different venues to facilitate participation from various districts, with a maximum capacity of 150 participants per venue.

Training Session

Hands-on training sessions are planned for IoT, Drones and Cybersecurity, each spanning two days. It will be conducted in three zones across Kerala (Malabar Zone, Central Zone, South Zone). Participants from the awareness session are eligible to apply for the training session.


The Hackathon is encompasses three domains: IoT, Drones, and Cybersecurity, with a total of 15 participants allowed in each domain. Interested and qualified participants will also be eligible for a one-year complimentary incubation program offered by ICFOSS. Eligible participants from the training sessions will have the opportunity to participate in a two-day Hackathon organized by ICFOSS.

Who Can Apply?

College students currently in their second and third year pursuing:

1. An undergraduate (UG) degree, specifically in BE or BTech with a focus on circuit branches(EEE/EC/CS/IT/AEI).

2. A postgraduate (PG) degree, such as MSc or MCA, specializing in electronics or computer science.

A nominal registration fee of Rs. 100/- is required for participation, collected by our venue partner. Seats are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venue Partners

In our upcoming FOSS TechVenture event, we are thrilled to announce awareness sessions that will be conducted in four distinct venues.

Program Schedule for Awareness Section